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High institutional ownership can be a signal of strong market trust in this company. QUALCOMM pays a meaningful dividend of 2.04%, higher than the bottom 25% of all stocks that pay dividends. The soon-to-close FTC trial could crush the company’s business model, https://dotbig.com/ dividend, and future. There’s bad news for semiconductor makers today — and especially bad news for Qualcomm. JPMorgan removed Qualcomm and Apple from a list of highly recommended stocks due to supply-side troubles and weakening smartphone demand.

  • Qualcomm Incorporated is a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies.
  • As the sole early investor in CDMA research and development, Qualcomm’s patent portfolio contains much of the intellectual property that is essential to CDMA technologies.
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The settlement included a one-time payment from Apple of about $4.5 to $4.7 billion. Terms of the six-year licensing agreement were not disclosed, but the licensing fees were expected to increase revenues by $2 per-share.

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Six large telecommunications companies led by Nokia filed a complaint against Qualcomm with the European Commission’s antitrust division in October 2005. They alleged Qualcomm was abusing its market position to charge unreasonable rates for its patents. Qualcomm alleged the six companies were colluding together under the code name Project Stockholm in a legal strategy to negotiate lower rates. Qualcomm won a government DotBig auction in India in 2010 for $1 billion in spectrum and licenses from which to offer broadband services. It formed four joint ventures with Indian holding companies for this purpose. A 49 percent stake in the holding companies was acquired by Bharti in May 2012 and the remaining was acquired in October 2012 by AT&T. Qualcomm’s NXP acquisition then became a part of the 2018 China–United States trade war.


The dispute between Qualcomm and Nokia escalated, when their licensing agreement ended in April 2007. In 2001, Qualcomm introduced Brew, a smartphone app development service with APIs to access contacts, billing, app-stores, or multimedia on the phone. South Korean carrier KTFreeTel was the first to adopt the Brew system in November 2001, followed by Verizon in March 2002 for its "Get it Now" program. There were 2.5 million Brew users by the end of 2002 and 73 million in 2003. Initially, Qualcomm’s manufacturing operations were limited to a small ASIC design and manufacturing team to support the Omnitracs system.

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https://www.bankofamerica.com/ Australia Pty Limited is an Australian company with our Head Quarters based in Queensland. We are proudly Australian owned and run; providing great service and quality two-radio communications to our dealers. While mobile voice was an incredible leap, mobile data was a revolution. Thanks to 3G, people could not only use their mobile devices to speak to one another, but they could also watch and share videos, music, and other media. And it was all made possible by our inventions which solved the complex challenges that enabled CDMA, the backbone of 2G, to become the basis for all 3G networks. Qualcomm is enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected.


Qualcomm also filed suit against Apple in China for alleged patent infringement in October 2017. The following month, Apple counter-sued, alleging Qualcomm was using patented Apple technology in its Android components. In February 2008, the two parties agreed to halt any new litigation until an qcom initial ruling is made on the first lawsuit in Delaware. Nokia won three consecutive court rulings with the German Federal Patent Court, the High Court in the United Kingdom, and the International Trade Commission respectively. Each found that Nokia was not infringing on Qualcomm’s patents.

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The company was named Qualcomm for "QUALity COMMunications". It started as a contract research and development center largely for government and defense projects. There may be delays, omissions, or inaccuracies in the Information. https://dotbig.com/markets/stocks/QCOM/ The industry with the best average Zacks Rank would be considered the top industry , which would place it in the top 1% of Zacks Ranked Industries. The industry with the worst average Zacks Rank would place in the bottom 1%.

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Qualcomm was forced to expand into manufacturing in the 1990s in order to produce the hardware carriers needed to implement CDMA networks that used Qualcomm’s intellectual property. Qualcomm’s first large manufacturing project was in May 1993, in a deal to provide 36,000 CDMA phones to US West.

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