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US companies on maps

Velcro is based in Manchester, NH. Guessing that every home in the USA has something Velcro….Timberland boots are nice, but you’re not going to find them in every home in America. Also I know the QuickTrip Corporation is headquartered in Tulsa. West Virginia should have been Musselman’s applesauce, easily. I commend Taco Johns for Wyoming however a more well known store was started in the small town of Kemmerer WY, in 1902, JC Penney. Cummins is a good choice for Indiana, but I might have chosen Eli Lilly instead. Being an ex-pat Seattle native, I agree that Boeing, Nordsroms, or Microsoft would better represent Washington. Boeing’s been there since at least the 1920s.

US companies on maps

Country, yes, but I wouldn’t call it southern. I also think Disney World is probably the brand most connected to FL. But if it’s about the most “representative” of the state and not necessarily the most popular, then I would go with Hooters https://smartasset.com/checking-account/the-top-ten-banks-by-assets-held or Hawaiian Tropic to represent the “Spring Break Capital of the World”. I’ll keep some of your suggestions in mind for a future map. If I were to do it again, I’d probably go with Dell, though Exxon Mobil was also in the running.

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Also, PepsiCo and IBM are both hq’ed in New York. So are are four major sports leagues MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL all headquartered in Manhattan. They have been https://websitevaluerank.com/dotbig.com/ in business over 75 years and did begin in Florida. There are far more Publix stores than there are Hooters. I’m sure Publix is also more successful too.

Get a whole new perspective on select major metro areas with photo‑realistic, immersive 3D views. Move your iPhone or iPad through space to experience a city from above, or take a closer look at cities and their landmarks in high resolution as you zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate.5 It’s exploration elevated. Our APIs, SDKs, and live updating map data give developers tools to build better mapping, navigation, and search experiences across platforms.

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And banking can happen anywhere, NC actually grows the product, tobacco. I can’t believe any other company would even be considered. In addition to the tires, they also are famous for the the Goodyear blimps. No one in ilinois ever thinks of cat or mcdonald’s as being local, especially when john deere is around since 1837.

  • With a new line of code, the map can change in an instant—as can the very base map users are viewing from within their respective countries.
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  • In a state that is home to 3M, Target, Best Buy, and Medtronic, Pillsbury barely even registers.
  • As a Minnesotan, I would have thought Minnesota would get 3M .
  • These are variations on the Buzan method, but maintain the radiant structure and hierarchy of mind maps.

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Southern Federal District:

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McDonalds has Illinois ties deeper than just having the first restaurant there. Corporate HQ is still based out of Oakbrook, IL, as is Hamburger University, their corporate training facility. It’s not just a random collection of franchises. I’ll keep that one in mind for future reference. Too dotbig bad Steven never heard that Maytag closed their HQ and manufacturing in 2007 after being sold out to Mexico, China and South Korea by Whirlpool. He should have chosen Wells Blue Bunny, John Deere, Principal Financial or Pioneer Hybrids. I agree that Dole would have been a very fitting choice.

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