Chinese Acquisitions Of U S Companies

PRA Health Sciences. Contract Research Company that services different clients related to healthcare. They work with product development and drug trials. Provides scientific support and technical services in aviation, information technology, defence and biomedical research.

US companies

For a more comprehensive list, see List of companies in Charlotte. For a more comprehensive list, see List of New York companies. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Michigan companies. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Massachusetts companies.

Statistics Of U S Businesses Susb

I was specifically on the lookout for US based companies that hire overseas workers like me. The initial list based on the universe of public corporations with less than $1 billion in revenue.

  • PRA Health Sciences.
  • Part time work options for this information technology behemoth have been known to be offered to suitable overseas candidates.
  • The first Trader Joe’s store is still open in California, but the business has since changed hands.
  • They partner a lot of brands too.
  • Into subscription staffing, the company helps provide virtual assistants, marketers, and more.

This is a for-profit company for senior care referral. It provides reviews financial and tax advice as well as skilled nursing.

America’s Most Promising Companies

But there’s also a loss of business bragging rights for the United States. Here are 10 major companies that have moved their headquarters offshore. There are many other that work with overseas remote workers and this is a list of the most prominent ones. Robert Half International. A human resource consulting company that has marked global presence. It has over 345 locations worldwide, and is the first and largest financial and accounting staffing company. Anthem, Inc.

Its employees are spread over 50 countries. Working in the temporary staffing industry, Aquent is based in Boston and hires people across the world for marketing and creative fields. Wells Fargo. Being the world’s fourth largest bank with massive presence, it needs workers of all qualifications in order to staff its operations.

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